Advocacy & Support

The staff at the CSC are on hand to support and empower consumers in a variety of ways. We can help translate confusing mail or filling out forms, assist with writing letters by translating from ASL to English, assist with navigating through websites, etc. We also point consumers to appropriate resources such as dictionaries, visual dictionaries and online resources, etc. so they can work towards independently doing those tasks. We do our best to assist the consumers with whatever they need, or refer them to an agency who can.

Deaf Self-Advocacy Training (DSAT) – In 2017, eight individuals were trained as DSAT trainers. The specialized curriculum is devoted to teaching deaf and hard of hearing individuals to self-advocate for effective interpreting services. The content of the curriculum includes concepts of self-esteem and self-determination, the law, ethics of working with interpreters, video relay interpreting, preparing for self-advocacy, and how to effectively tap resources.