Linda Y. Lambrecht

Linda Y. Lambrecht

Aloha. My name is Linda Lambrecht. I was born Deaf on O’ahu and was raised here. I started school at age six and graduated at 18 after the 12th grade. Then I spent three years at Galluadet University before getting married and starting to work at various jobs like filing for a church until I was hired to teach Sign Language in Kailua here on O’ahu. I taught Sign for 30 years, even working at KCC, a Community College, teaching hearing students for credit. I taught for a very long time then finally retired in 1913.

My husband is Deaf and I am the mother of three children and I also have seven grandchildren.

I’ve served as president of the alumni associations at Galluadet, and the Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind, as president of H.R.I.D, Hawaii Services on Deafness, what else? I was president of H.R.I.D and I’ve served as chair on many committees. I have been heavily involved in the community and I love attending workshops where I learn so much.

Aside from that, I like to be at home. I also work part time as a D- interpreter or what was called an RSC, now a DI or Deaf Interpreter. I’ve done that for quite a while. That’s all! Bye!

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