Hard of Hearing Program

The CSC’s Hard of Hearing Program was developed to provide support for people who identify as hard of hearing, whether congenital or late-deafened. For more information about our Hard of Hearing Program, please contact us at csc@csc-hawaii.org or stop by. We’d love to meet you!

I used to feel so alone and misunderstood! But then I took a class at the CSC and now I have friends just like me!” – Lusana

On this page:

  • Support Services
  • Upcoming Events and Announcements
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Downloadable Brochure to share with others

Support Services:

  • Assistive Technology – The CSC houses demo items of everyday assistive devices and technology that make life easier for those who are hard of hearing. Items include a device that can be hung on a door that flashes when someone knocks, a variety of vibrating alarm clocks, and even a selection of hearing aid batteries.
  • Education on Consumer Rights
  • Family Support
  • Parent Panels
  • Resource Handouts
  • Support Groups & Coffee Time
  • Youth Leadership Camp
  • Classes and Workshops
    • Computer Classes
    • Hearing Aid Care and Cleaning
    • How to Read an Audiogram
    • Sign Language Classes

Upcoming Events

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    I don’t know sign language. Will CSC still support me?

    • Absolutely! The CSC is here to support anyone wiht a hearin gloss regardless of their communication choice. We are staffed by both signers and non-signers with the goal that all will feel welcome.

    I lost my hearing as I got older. Do I qualify?

    • Yes, you do qualify. Anyone who has a hearing loss, whether congenital or late-deafened, qualifies for services.

    I am a DVR client. Can I take classes at CSC?

    • Yes! DVR can refer you to the CSC for classes related to your IPE.

    My daughter is only 5 but hard of hearing. Do you serve all ages?

    • Yes, we do. We support individuals from infancy through to their twilight years.

    Hard of Hearing Program Brochure