Deaf Mentor Pilot Project

puzzle pieces that connect with acircle int he media DMPP Deaf mentor pilot project

The Deaf Mentor Pilot Project (DMPP) has been established to provide ASL instructional services, consultation, mentorship, and advocacy as appropriate and based on the individual needs of children birth to 3 years old and families who have been authorized to receive these services by the DOH-EIS. Criteria has been determined by DOH-EIS. Please feel free to contact Roz Kia at or (808) 284-3551 if you have any questions. Mahalo!

Bottom Row: Peggy Liang*, Mary Harmon*, Dale Matsumoto-Oi, Dr. I, Thomas Liftee*, Karen Quinonas*, Po Kwan Chang, Keiko Nitta

Second Row: Colin Whited*, Linda Sykora*, Linda Eriksson*, Kon Davis*, Isabel Ramos*, Colleen Cidade*, Stacy Abrams, Jennifer Clark

Top Row: Jodee Crace, Crissy Holmes, Tami Hiraishi*, Greg Matsumoto*, Roz Kia, Missing from photo Nathan Holmes*

*Deaf Mentors

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