Jonathan Reynolds

Jonathan Reynolds

Hello! My name is Johnathan Reynolds. My name sign uses four fingers, like this, representing my hair. I’ve worked a total of 7 years teaching K-12, community college and university at different ASL levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. My two philosophies when approaching teaching are Student Centered and Community Involvement. First, community involvement involves me taking on the role of an advisor- observing students and learning their areas of weakness, teaching them signs and giving a lot of encouragement and feedback as they improve. I don’t use speech when I teach.

Secondly, student centered is where students get a lot of practice and I teach short lessons which students then get to apply to real life situations. They have actual discourse using Sign Language by pairing up and practicing what they’ve learned by having real conversations. This approach helps them to improve their skills.

My approach to online teaching is by using Zoom which has features like screen sharing where I can show my presentation and go over lessons. I use Keynote to teach my lessons that include images and videos of me signing. After going over the lesson we discuss what was learned. Then the students get time to practice while I give them lots of feedback to make sure they are signing correctly.

Good luck to you! I hope now you are ready to take my ASL class! You will really enjoy it and have a lot of fun with me! With all of my experience in teaching I’m very good at meeting students where they are and accommodating their various learning styles. See you in class soon! Bye!

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