Family Signs

Join us and play games, eat snacks, and learn sign language.

Gift Wrapping

Bring your Christmas gifts to CSC and our friendly elves Brenda and Maricon will wrap it!


ABC123 is a brand new community class developed by instructor Galinda K. Goss-Kuehn. Participants will improve reception, production and articulation of fingerspelling.

Conversations in ASL

Galinda will use games, storytelling, and other interactive situations to introduce participants to the wonders of ASL.

English Class

The Academic English Class is designed for Deaf adults who already have a basic understanding of the written English language.

Relay Hawaii – Relay Conferencing Captioning Service (RCC)

Please join us and learn about the Relay Conference Captioning (RCC) service available to Hawai`i residents who are deaf or hard of hearing. RCC provides captions while on conference calls or webinars. A demonstration will be provided at this event.

Tactile Games and Tasting

Play tactile games such as Connect Four, Checkers and Bingo, and participate in a “dark” tasting, which means the sighted participants will be blindfolded while they eat!

Halloween Gathering

Eat, Drink, And Be Scary! Share your Halloween themed pupu, platter or simple dish, and listen to scary stories in ASL!

Hawai’i Sign Language

This course provides students with basic information about and basic skills in Hawaii Sign Language (HSL), a critically endangered language isolate that developed independently of all other known languages.

Sewing Class

Join instructor Linda Lambrecht as she teaches participants how to use the sewing machine properly and effectively. We have two sewing machine to share. Please bring sewing accessories if you have at home.