Laughter abounds as Deaf seniors participate in Kupuna Krafts

Laughter and conversation fill the CSC offices every Thursday as the senior citizens in the Kupuna Klub gather to enjoy each other’s company. The time they spend together include diverse activities such as workshops, exercising, movies, games, field trips, visiting friends in care home facilities and arts & crafts along with light snacks.

The latter of these activities, arts & crafts, allow our Kupuna to create handmade items that decorate the office, to give as gifts, and to sell to raise money to help offset the cost of their snacks or field trips.

Their contributions include kukui nut leis & jewelry made by the entire group. Rainbow colored knitted bags/water bottle holder/cellphone carriers made by Unchon and handcrafted gift cards & Kusudama (flower ball) origami created by Kimiyo.

If you are interested in supporting their endeavors please stop by, check our website or social media pages to inquire or see what we have available and please indicate that your purchase or donations are being given to assist our Kupuna Program.