May Ohana Time

On Sunday April 29, 2019 we hosted another fun Ohana Time event at the CSC. This time, we brought in some of our amazing Read to Your Deaf Keiki Instructors. We had one family and one professional join, and it was absolutely AMAZING!

We began our evening with snacks and socializing then jumped in to the fun. First, Galinda demonstrated what happens during a shared reading visit by reading Cookie’s Week. It was fun, interactive and educational. Shared reading principles make book sharing effective and gives young ones a head start in communication and literacy. After enjoying some shared reading fun, Linda lead the group in a lesson from her popular Baby Signs class in order to demonstrate how to use everyday situations to enhance communication with babies and toddlers. Both mother and child really enjoyed the hands on experience. Finally, we ended our evening with Olivia explaining the benefits of reading and early communication and answering questions. Overall, it was an amazing evening. We would love more families to join in future events.

We have posted more pictures and videos from this event on our Facebook page. Go check it out! You can, also, visit our website and click on the new “Ohana” tab to see our calendar, get resources and sign up for programs. Kim Duncan, our Early Childhood Specialist, can be reached at